Sunday, 11 November 2012

Being a new writer to the Electric Harmony, I thought it would be best to just dive right into my favourite genres and hopefully boost some of these new artists out into the spotlight. The first to get a shout-out is Scottish artist, Albert Shakespeare. One of the first songs I ever listened to from Albert was "Obsolete" and although I'm still very new to the Alternative genre I knew from the moment I heard the intro that I'd found the right sound.

Almost an hour later and I'm pleased to say I've powered my way through "Sometimes I Forget," "Maybe I'm Running Out of Things To Say” and "Spread and Share What You Can't Bear." Usually, when reviewing music I try to compare it to a well-known artist, even just a little, so that others can get an idea about the general sound, but as I'm sitting here I can't seem to liken this to anything I've ever listened to. 

There's just something so raw about Albert's voice, the lack of auto tune or any other technical enhancements make the artist and the band sound natural, real and believe me, the music is much better off for it. The gentle mix of alternative and math make the music upbeat without losing any depth, giving the lyrics an almost poetic deliverance. And of course, being the patriotic Scot I am, how could I not enjoy the hint of an accent weaved throughout the bridge and chorus. If I haven't said it before, I'll say it now: We need more of this music!

So Bravo Albert! I think I'll just be very antisocial this weekend and listen to "Obsolete" on a loop for the next two days!

Review by Amy O'Neill

Check out Albert Shakespeare

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